NABL - Accredited Laboratory

An ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Standard - NABL Accreditation Certified Laboratory.


"Metal Lab" is committed to provide most effective training with the expertise gained over the past two decades in the inspection of power stations, pressure vessels, structures, engineering components, pipe systems, storage tanks and aerospace components. Our curriculum is formalized to provide custom training programs, best practices leading to gain thorough knowledge in practical Non-destructive testing.

We are providing Level I, II Training and Certification as per Recommended Practice SNT - TC-1A -2006 in the following NDT Methods.

  • Metallurgical Testing|
  • Mechanical testing|
  • Non - Destructive Testing|
  • Training & Certification|
  • Mechanical Calibration
  • Calibration (NDT - UT Machine, IIW V1, IIW V2 Block)|
  • Inspection & Manpower|
  • Geo Technical Investigation
  • Building Material Testing|
  • Highway Material Testing|
  • Lubricant Testing|
  • Fuels Testing

  • Water Testing|
  • Plastic Testing|
  • Rubber Testing|
  • Paint Testing
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